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"The best place to go to for issues with balance. I cannot say enough about them. They have helped me enormously"
Aug 14, 2020
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"Everybody is so very nice and knowledgeable! They are very helpful and I appreciate them!"
Aug 13, 2020
"Thanks to you my vertigo is gone. Very prompt friendly knowledgeable service! I will definitely return as needed. Highly recommend ;-)"
Feb 27, 2020
Jan 09, 2020
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"Equilibrium PT turned out to be a fantastic place to help with my inner ear problem. Their equipment is geared specifically for those of us who have balance problems including dizziness, imbalance, etc. I was willing to drive the distance from where I live which was a 35 minute drive on the freeway and do the exercises using the equipment that I had never seen before. The people are very friendly, patient and helpful including Brandon who worked with me, Amy the owner, and Dahlia the receptionist."
Jan 06, 2020
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"After a successful partial amputation of my left foot, My gate was left with pronounced instability and poor balance. My physician recommended that I take my physical therapy to equilibrium physical therapy. Through their fine efforts and wonderful care, I just completed my regiment of treatments. Monday I go back to work full-time with great anticipation and a joyful heart. I cannot overstate the professional staff that is offered at equilibrium. They truly are better than any therapy that I have encountered."
Dec 27, 2019
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"Knowledgeable and friendly staff. They customize the treatment sessions to your needs and current capabilities. For balance related issues this is the clinic to visit in Ventura. "
Dec 21, 2019
Dec 09, 2019
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"I’m dealing with a brain tumor on my brain stem which has been effecting my balance. Having PT with equilibrium has helped me tremendously!"
Dec 09, 2019
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"Brandon seems very knowledgeable in the area of equilibrium. I liked the way he zeroed in on my particular problems and was able to focus on that instead of the cookie-cutter methods used by others."
Dec 05, 2019
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"My husband had several appointments for his balance and has improved so much. I definitely can see a difference. The whole staff here are so professional and friendly. I highly recommend Equilibrium Physical Therapy. "
Dec 04, 2019
"Very professional, offering high quality services while have a good sense of Good humor."
Nov 22, 2019
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"It was recommended by my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. S. Small, that I might be able to improve my equilibrium by being tested and participating in an exercise program designed for my specific problem. I had been having difficulty with my balance and walking in a straight line. After several weeks I feel I've made marked improvement and wish to thank the staff of Equilibrium Physical Therapy, specifically Brandon Selvey and LeAnn Nakamura, physical therapists, and the always pleasant and helpful receptionist, Dalhia Zazueta, who all work with the goal of improving the lives of their patients."
Nov 19, 2019
"I am not a client of Equilibrium but a driver - sister and supporter. I try to come in to see how things are doing at the end of sessions - in the car's at home each of you (as you are) are praised - improvement is top quality. Thanks!"
Nov 02, 2019
"Really great facility. Clean, friendly, knowledgeable, personal and helping heal and work through an injury that was really hard for me to deal with. I will recommend this team to anyone with an injury or vertigo with confidence."
Oct 28, 2019
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"Wonderful staff and very nice. "
Oct 23, 2019
Oct 18, 2019
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"I had vertigo for 4 months. I was frustrated from going to doctors, eye doctor, physical therapy, & ENT. My ENT said you need to go to ‘Equilibrium’. They will get you in balance again. My Chiropractor knew about them too & said they are who he refers his patients who have vertigo , or concussions from accidents to. I am sooo amazed how they specialize in this. Don’t fool around... go here first!"
Oct 17, 2019
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"Knowledgeable, fun, and caring! I was treated by Dr.Selvey(Brandon) for a rolled ankle and he patiently aided me back to health. He was knowledgeable about the subject, sensitive to my pain level, and was thorough through the entire process. The entire Equilibrium crew made the environment fun and approachable. 10/10 recommended!"
Oct 10, 2019
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Sep 11, 2019
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Aug 15, 2019
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"Was completely helped with balance and walking."
Jun 21, 2019
"Very professional, great results."
Jun 18, 2019
"I had vertigo and my doctor referred me to Equilibrium. My vertigo was gone after my first visit with Brandon, who is extremely helpful, caring and knowledgeable. At the same time, I had other balance problems and they were resolved in the next four sessions with Brandon and Jenna, a student intern. I highly recommend Equilibrium!"
Jun 14, 2019
"Equilibrium changed my life. I learned so much and feel I have good balance now. Therapists were great -- very encouraging and enjoyable to work with. Brandon is the "best"! Katie was so pleasant."
Jun 07, 2019
"HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! What a lovely clinic. Amy the owner is obviously passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. You can tell right away from meeting with her that she truly cares about the healing process for each of her clients. Consider Equilibrium if you're interested in one-on-one care, no cookie cutter service here. They really know what they're doing."
Jun 04, 2019
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"A friend of mine referred me to this office. She went to this office for vertigo after months of trying medications and multiple doctors and this was the only place that finally made her feel better. I had vertigo that was preventing me from working or doing anything really without feeling completely miserable. I was worried I would miss out on work just waiting for an appointment but they fit me in the same day I called. The entire office is welcoming and so understanding! Brandon was my physical therapist there and was amazing! You can tell he is passionate about what he does and cares about his patients. I hope I don’t have to come back anytime soon, but I know if I have to I will be in good hands."
May 22, 2019
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May 21, 2019
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"I've had plenty of physical therapy in the past, I am 59 year old female. When I was introduced to Equilibrium I checked to make sure they took my insurance, I only had Medicare. I'm so satisfied with them, I wouldn't go anywhere else. I would recommend them to Everybody! The first time I ever was evaluated, I was evaluated and was informed of what I needed work on, I love the front desk Erika and the Therapist Brandon and Amy, They are awesome and they have compassion. Where can you go and get compassion. I Highly recommend them .I truly wouldn't go anywhere else."
May 15, 2019
"Thanks for a great experience! I feel the staff gave me tools to alleviate a long term issue that I have tried to treat for many years with chiropractic treatment. That treatment gave me only mediocre success. It is like I have been "taught to fish" rather than been "given a fish". The exercise and stretching techniques I have learned will allow me to undo a life time of injury and issues. Thanks EPT!!!"
May 15, 2019
"Amy and her team are real miracle workers & really specialize in helping individuals with balance or vestibular difficulties. I’m a retired professional athlete who was recommended to Amy, and after working with Amy for 8 weeks using her high tech machines & testing formula, my balance improved tremendously. I highly recommend Equlibrium Physical Therapy for any concussion issues, balance, stroke recovery or vestibular issues. They really do excellent work in this area."
May 11, 2019
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"The treatment has made a great impact on my life. I feel somewhat normal and that's a blessing to me. I am ten times pleased."
May 08, 2019
"Great physical therapy. Brandon knew how to fix my problem. I had been to several doctors and had no results until I came here. In one session I felt so much better. In several sessions I was 100%. Totally recommend equilibrium! The staff and therapists were outstanding!!"
May 07, 2019
"Struggled with persistent vertigo for several months. Working out and other daily activities was difficult due to constant dizziness. Doctor prescribed me medication but after multiple weeks still no sign of getting better. My doctor then referred me here and after one session it was a night and day difference. My dizziness symptoms quickly subsided and I am back to finally working out without constantly feeling dizzy. I only wish I found this place sooner. Highly recommend."
May 01, 2019
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"I had vertigo before this session and worked wonders. Amy saved me. I got vertigo symptoms again after an epaderal shot in neck due to pain from a car accident in 2017 and again Amy's office treatments helped me signifitly! Thank you The staff is so good Always pleasant caring and fespectabl9"
Apr 29, 2019
"I am writing this review on behalf of my father-in-law; EQUILIBRIUM Physical Therapy has been so amazing and very patient with his care. My father-in-law suffered from a stroke 3 years ago that caused him to have symptoms of very bad Vertigo, Dizziness, and very off Balance. After a couple of weeks of therapy my father-in-law is walking better and it has been a big improvement from when he started his Therapy. Everyone there has been so kind, pleasant, and been so helpful. This is the go to place in Ventura County for Vestibular & Concussion Rehabilitation. I am very pleased that we found this place in Ventura to help him improve his balance and decrease his dizziness. The Staff there is AMAZING!!! Thank you EQUILIBRIUM Physical Therapy!!! A bonus of this clinic they SPEAK SPANISH!! This is a HUGE plus in our community. Estoy retorciendo esta revisión en nombre de mi suegro; EQUILIBRIUM Physical Therapy han sido tan increíble y muy paciente con su cuidado de el. Mi suegro sufrió un derrame cerebral hace 3 años que le provocó síntomas de vértigo, mareos y muy poco equilibrio. Después de un par de semanas de terapia, mi suegro camina mejor y ha mejorado mucho desde que comenzó su terapia. Todos allí han sido tan amables, agradables y tan serviciales. Este es el lugar al que ir en el condado de Ventura para la rehabilitación vestibular y de conmoción cerebral. Estoy muy contento de haber encontrado este lugar en Ventura para ayudarlo a mejorar su equilibrio y disminuir su mareo. El personal allí es increíble! Gracias EQUILIBRIUM Physical Therapy!!! Una ventaja de esta clínica que hablan español! Esta es una gran ventaja en nuestra comunidad."
Apr 19, 2019
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"I started my treatment a couple of weeks ago at this facility. I am a combat veteran who suffered Vertigo, dizziness, shoulder pain, leg pain and post concussion. The staff there is very pleasant and very knowledgeable. They are taking very good care of me, I highly recommend this facility for people who suffer from Vertigo, Dizziness, Balance and Pre- & Post- Concussion"
Apr 18, 2019
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"My dizziness & balance problems are almost 100% gone thanks to Brandon & Amy who are so awesome, professional, patient & kind. Brandon makes sure you understand each procedure even if he has to explain it a couple of times! A big thank you for making me feel better!!"
Jun 20, 2018
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"Thank you so very much for ALL you've done for me. You were always polite and kind and considerate, and very encouraging, which was most helpful. I appreciate your patience, skills, professionalism - it was reassuring to know I was in good hands."

~M.A 12/18/14

"You have helped me so much...Dr. Small said to come here and you have helped me in so many ways. Thank you soooo much."

~B.S. 10-31-14

"Jennifer, Laura, and Amy are sweet, caring, encouraging and helpful! Thanks so much for your love and helpful P.T.! You make me feel better, stronger, and better about myself. I am improving because of you all!"

~ R.R. 10-20-14

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