NeuroCom CDP Machine

  • Are you feeling... Dizzy? (spatial disorientation)
  • Do you have... Vertigo? (sensation of movement/ spinning)
  • Difficulty wit ... Balance and Mobility?
  • Are you an athlete involved in a sport with higher potential for concussion?

What is so great about this NeuroCom CDP Machine anyway? ... as defined, Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) is the only method validated by controlled research studies to isolate the functional contributions of vestibular inputs, visual inputs, somatosensory inputs, central integrating mechanisms, and neuromuscular system outputs for postural and balance control. In about 50% of peeople with chronic balance disorders traditional diagnostic tests are inconclusive because there is no single localized cause for their condition. CDP has been proven effective in helping people with chronic balance disorders because it is not just one test, but rather a compilation of tests that objectively evaluate:

  1. How well the patient uses information from the vestibular, visual, and proprioceptive systems to control balance.
  2. The effectiveness of the patient's motor automatic reflex responses to restore balance following sudden, unexpected forward and backward perturbations of the support surface.
  3. The patient's ability to adapt to unexpected support surface irregularities following 'toes up' and 'toes down' rotations of the support surface.
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