About Us

EQUILIBRIUM Physical Therapy is the only comprehensive Vestibular and Balance rehabilitation facility in Ventura County. We use state of the art test equipment including the "gold standard" SMART Equitest Balance Manager, used by NASA, developed by Lewis M. Nashner, Sc.D. at NeuroCom Intl, Inc., as well as infrared goggles. The clinic at EQUILIBRIUM Physical Therapy is fully equipped with Pilates equipment. Using the objective data generated from our computerized tests, and the benefits of Pilates based rehabilitation, EQUILIBRIUM Physical Therapy is able to provide comprehensive treatment for our patients' deficits. This allows for increased effectiveness of treatment for optimal progress within a shorter course of treatment duration.

Our Mission

The goal of EQUILIBRIUM Physical Therapy is to provide outreach to the entire County of Ventura with the knowledge that a comprehensive Vestibular and Balance assessment and rehabilitation clinic exists. There is a highly under served patient population who suffers from these types of impairments.

Patients with dizziness and vertigo often times have seen, on average, 5 different doctors and have had several tests performed in attempt to diagnose the cause of their symptoms. Too frequently they are told that a cause cannot be found, given medication and told they will have to learn to "live" with their symptoms.

Athletes who have suffered a concussion can under go post injury testing to determine when they have return to their preseason baseline test / pre-injury status. The team physician can then use this data along with other clinic tests to determine when an athlete is ready to return to play. Research has shown, when a team physician is able to use the balance test data to help determine return to sport readiness, often times the athlete is able return to play sooner than the standard 6 week post-concussion time frame.

Aviation can use the computerized balance / vestibular tests and biofeedback exercises to optimize flight performance.

It is the mission of EQUILIBRIUM Physical Therapy to be a resource for vestibular and balance impaired patients struggling to find their way through the "medical maze". Provide them the rehabilitation they need to help them regain their function, independence and quality of life.