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Amy M. Griffin, MS, PT - President & Lead Physical Therapist

Amy M. Griffin, MS, PT – President & Lead Physical Therapist

Amy M. Griffin, M.S., P.T. is a Physical Therapist with advanced, specialized training in Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation.

Her clinical experience was initiated during a mentorship clinical rotation for Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation in the fall of 2001. Since this time she has been working with patients who suffer from vertigo (spinning sensation), dizziness and balance impairments to reduce their symptoms, decrease their risk for falls and increase their independence.

Amy has taken several continuing education and certification courses from leading clinicians in the field of Vestibular and Balance rehabilitation including: Dr. Susan J. Herdman, Dr. Richard A. Clendaniel, Dr. Robert Landel, Dr. Don W. Worthington, Fay Horak (Vestibular and Balance consultant to NASA), Janene Burton, and Georgia Groomer.

Prior to relocating to Ventura, CA from Las Vegas, NV in the spring of 2003, Amy practiced physical therapy at an out-patient neurological rehabilitation clinic where she initiated Vestibular and Balance rehabilitation program development. Amy once again initiated the development of a Vestibular and Balance rehabilitation program, in 2004, at a local orthopedic physical therapy clinic in Ventura.

In August 2007, Amy went into private practice and opened the only comprehensive Vestibular and Balance rehabilitation facility in Ventura County. Using State of the art equipment including the “gold standard” SMART Equitest used by NASA developed by Lewis M. Nasner, Sc.D. at NeuroCom Intl, Inc., as well as infrared goggles to assess vestibular and balance impairments, she is able to comprehensively assess her patients’ deficits to specify her treatment approach and optimize their recovery.

Amy’s areas of highlighted interests are: BPPV (positional vertigo) and other causes of vertigo, dizziness and imbalance associated with peripheral and/or central vestibular hypofunction/dysfunction, dizziness associated post concussive syndrome and return to sport screening assessment for post-concussive athletes, proprioceptive re-training and injury prevention in athletes after lower extremity injuries/surgery, movement and neurological impairments, as well as fall prevention.

Amy’s passion is to provide outreach to the entire County of Ventura to help a highly underserved patient population who suffers from these types of impairments.

Laura Toler, PTA

Laura Toler, PTA

Laura Toler Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant- Laura was born and raised in California where she attended Cal. State University Northridge and received her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology in 1997. After graduating from CSUN, Laura received her license to become a Physical Therapist Assistant in 2000. Her experience has ranged from Aquatic therapy, orthopedic/sports medicine, hand therapy and now Vestibular Rehab therapy. She has recently completed a seminar course in Vestibular Rehabilitation and is excited to continue taking more advanced courses in this area.  Laura is also an ASFA certified personal Trainer.

In High School, Laura became a CNA and aspired to become a nurse initially; but, she became more interested in the rehab portion of helping people. Her favorite part of being a PTA is getting to know her patients, encouraging them to work towards their health goals and watching them obtain their strength and confidence back.

When Laura is not treating patients, she is spending time with her family and enjoying the beautiful California weather. She loves to travel, and enjoys new adventures like hiking, kayaking, playing at the beach or at home with their animals.

Jennifer Rivard – Office and Marketing Manager

Jennifer Rivard – Office and Marketing Manager

Jennifer joined the clinic staff in October 2013. She has a strong background in networking, marketing, customer relations and community outreach. Having the opportunity to be creative and help others is what Jennifer enjoys most about her work. Outside of greeting patients at the front desk, you will most likely find her in the kitchen baking yummy treats, exercising, watching her favorite movie or sport…hockey (Go Kings Go!) or trying new adventures with her husband and two daughters.